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Yacht Chartering Conditions

General conditions for Yacht Charter and services around the World:

1. - Responsibilities:

Yacht Charter Travel takes full responsibility, for all signed contracts and arrangements including correspondence using e-mail, online bookings, online payments, with its clients offering its different programs and services.

Yacht Charter Travel is not responsible for acts of God, force major, or any other damage to the company including accidents caused by subcontracting other services and/or delays of flights and commercial connections of any travel by plane or other means.

In case of mechanical problems with the chartered boat or problems in general with a service provided by Yacht Charter Travel: Yacht Charter Travel will substitute with another Yacht of equal quality and price or in worst case offer another Yacht in a different period. In case of serious problems Yacht Charter Travel willreturn 95% of the deposit for that charter.

2. - Documentation:

The Charter party should bring with him documents and identification, in case of problems related to missing documentations or visas, Yacht Charter Travel is not responsible for any costs or delays of the complete service.

3. - Return of deposit paid to Yacht Charter Travel for reservation of charters paid by the guests.

Return of the full amount 60 days before the start of the charter.

Return of 70% 30 days before the start of the charter.

Return of 50% 15 days before the start of the charter.

Return of 25% 72 hours before the start of the charter.

There is no return 48 hours before the start of the charter (no show).

4. - No return of deposit.

When travel documents are inadequate.

When the Charter Party is not present the day of departure.

In case of Strong rain, bad weather or force major that could bring the security of the planned trip in danger Yacht Charter Travel reserves the rights to change the sailing route.

5.- Reclamations.

All reclamations should be made in writing and send to our office by fax or e-mail, not more than 48 hours after the termination of our service.

In case the guests are not happy with the crew, attention, service or condition of boat or service provided.

The guest must inform the Captain or Yacht Charter Travel immediately by phone.

The guest must specify any detail and complain that is relevant so further action can be taken, if client whishes to change service, boat or posada this can be arranged by Yacht Charter Travel or the crew / Captain.

If the guest continues with the scheduled itinerary there can be no refund after the vacation is terminated.

Prices for charters if nothing else is mentioned quoted per day are for 24 hours.

If the guest wants to leave in the afternoon 50% would be charged extra of the daily based price. Children between 2 to 10 years of age have a discount of 25% based on Cabin Charter.

If the client wants to rent a boat exclusive for his party only with no other guests on board a special price will be quoted depending of the duration of the charter a the amount of guests.

In case payment / rest of deposit for a service provided not have been paid beforehand, this payment has to be paid upon arrival onboard.

In the contrary yacht charter has the right to cancel the service provided with no refund.

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